Back Office Support

Back Office Support for Recruiters and Staffing Firms

You’ve got a great eye for finding just the right talent and keeping your clients happy. You’re thinking of expanding your business to include contract placements nationally and even globally – but you’re worried about the added costs, increased risks and extra work.

That’s why thousands of recruiters world-wide have turned to IES as their Employer of Record. IES handles every aspect of back office administration – from processing payroll for employees and paying your temporary workers, to administering benefits, and to client billing and collections. Allowing you to focus on what you do best – building your business.

Turnkey Back Office Solution

Turnkey Back Office Solutions without Borders

Quickly deploy contract workers locally, nationally or internationally

Manage Contingent Workforce

Manage your Contingent Workforce from any Device

WorkSite, our cutting-edge client portal, gives you instant access to your contract workers

payrolling 1099 solutions

Open up New Revenue Streams

Our customized payrolling and 1099 solutions give you an edge in the rapidly-changing employment space

scalable payrolling

Smart Growth with Standardized, Scalable Processes

Grow your business without adding staff or overhead – just about anywhere in the world

Credit analysis and collections

Employer of Record services

Weekly payroll and invoice report

Onboarding your employees

Weekly contractor payroll funding

Electronic timecard processing

Competitive benefits for your contract workers

Nationwide and international placement capability

For Recruiters

  • Hire at the speed of life: Your clients need to add to their contingent workforce – and they need to do it now. WorkSite, our powerful client portal, makes it a snap to onboard the contract workers you need to recruit, even in tight time frames.
  • Free yourself from the hiring and billing process with our superior, stress-free Back Office support including client billings and collections, and weekly profit checks
  • Expand your executive search capabilities: More and more, your clients are looking to expand their global reach.  With IES, you can say “yes” – almost anywhere in the world
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance: Breathe easier when it comes to employment regulations for 1099s, temporary, out-of-state or international hires. With IES as your Employer of Record, our experts have you covered.

Another great benefit?  You’ll make your employees happy.  Because with IES, they get paid on time, every time.  And we’re always here to answer their questions and provide superior service.

The essential services you need now – and for the future

From independent recruiters to multi-office organizations, our turnkey Back Office solutions keep you competitive in the skyrocketing Gig Economy.  Even better?  IES lets you expand your reach almost anywhere in the world. Contact our friendly professionals today.